Biotechnology is one of the key tools for sustainable agriculture. To meet the needs of a growing population, we need plant breeding innovation, biotechnology as a whole, to help us producing more food with fewer inputs, increasing production efficiency and reducing pressure on the environment.

Biotechnology is the innovation needed to support food security, it is one of the solutions for increased crop yields and pest and disease-resistant crops. The Biotechnology Working Group of SAA is also concerned about the vulnerability of GMO seed trade because of the restrictions on seed movement related to the potential presence of low level biotechnology-derived seed authorized in the country of origin but not in the country of destination.

The regional and international efforts regarding low level presence in seeds (LLP) and new breeding techniques (NBT´s or PBI) are our focus areas, but also other emerging topics, as co-existence, biotech IP related issues are part of our discussions, where experience sharing among all members of SAA is one of our strengths.

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